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Representative of the institute

Representative of the institute

Radiation Protection Agent

Head of Institute Prof. Dr. Joachim Deubener 3709

Radiation protection Officer

Michael Zellmann 2474

Representation of Radiation Protection Officer

Dietlind Nordhausen 3670

Safety Officer

Reiner Holly 2613

Hazardous materials Officer

Christian Rust 4908

Order according to §10 occupational safety law
First aid

Reiner Holly 2613
Ralf Putzig 2890
Michael Zellmann 2474


Ralf Putzig * 2890
Christian Rust * 4908


Geb. 1200 – DG Hansjörg Bornhöft 2062
Geb. 1200 – 2. OG Christian Rust 4908
Geb. 1200 – EG Thomas Peter 2079
Geb. 1300 Reiner Holly 2613

State of May 2020

* Representative for fire