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About Us

About Us

The Institute for Non-Metallic Materials (INW) was founded in 1951 as an institute for stones and earths at Clausthal University of Technology.
In its more than 50-year history, it has become an interdisciplinary university institution with approx. 30 scientific employees, technicians, specialists and currently 2 working groups with core competence in

The INW has set itself the goal of promoting pioneering work in the field of binders, ceramics, glasses and related materials with theoretical, fundamentally oriented and technological focuses. We have established close relationships with partners in industry, research institutions and universities, ranging from loose collaboration to extensive project management. Numerous studies are funded in the programs of the AiF, BMBF, DFG and EU.

The international orientation of our working groups is supported by direct university cooperation and exchange programs (DAAD, Erasmus / Socrates). At the same time, we conduct over 30 different courses that successfully advance student careers in the bachelor's and master's degree programs in materials science and engineering.

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